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SUBMISSIONS - Issue 3: Flight 

Before you prepare your submission, please make sure you have read the submission guidelines.

A five-step process is involved in submission. You will need only ONE submission code. 

Please take a moment to read through the process. Please complete the submission process if you start it. The system will NOT save your work unless you complete submission.

STEP 1 Submission Code

Get a submission code by pressing this button. You'll need this code for all other steps of the process!




STEP 2 Info about you

Enter your submission code into this box, and make sure you note it down for later!

STEP 3 Upload your poetry and short fiction

Uploaded files should be .doc or .docx 

Filenames should include your submission code and the title of the work ie. #####_mytitle.doc

DO NOT include your name on any part of the document. 

Failure to name documents as indicated above may mean they will not be considered for publication.

Poem 1 file
Poem 2 file
Poem 3 file
What will you be submitting (tick one or more)

Please make sure you have checked the information above, and that all parts of the form are complete. You'll need your submission code again in Step 3. Click the  button below to move on to Step 3 where you can upload your files

Your content has been submitted; Please continue to upload your files

Short fiction file

Once you have uploaded the files, the file name should appear below the upload box. Check that all the files are labelled correctly, as per the instructions above.All files should be labelled with your submission code followed by the title of the work ie. #####_MyTitle.doc

STEP 4 Visual artists only: upload your additional materials

If you're submitting visual art, upload a single document with details of the works, the media etc. You may like to include a thumbnail of the works in the file.

You will still need to email the high res versions of your artworks via email to, as per the submission guidelines.

Uploaded files should be .doc or .docx 

Filenames should include your submission code and ADDITIONALie. #####_additionalmaterials.doc

If you're not submitting visual art, you can skip this step!

Select File

When you have checked your submission, press the submit button to send them to us! By clicking submit you acknowledge that you

  • have read the Authora Australis values and declare your submission is consistent with them;

  • have read and complied with the submission guidelines, and

  • declare that your work is your own, and is not currently being considered for publication by other outlets

After you press the submit button, please be patient. It may take a while for your files to submit. When the submission is successful you will receive a message on-screen confirming submission. 

STEP 5 Submit your files

Thanks for submitting your files. We look forward to reading them

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