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Authora Australis is a new literary journal, focused on good quality, accessible writing that inspires, entertains, transforms and illuminates. We are interested in poetry and fiction from every genre, especially when it is grounded in everyday experience. 


We are interested in writing that moves beyond tired cultural tropes or conventional escapism.

We seek that magical quality that connects the ordinary and extraordinary, and demonstrates the beauty, warmth, humour and excitement of everyday existence in fresh ways that span the real and the fantastical. 


The journal is committed to equity and openness, and as such, all submissions are subject to blind review. While we are based in Australia, we encourage and welcome writing from around the world.



We are aiming at first first instance to have two themed editions per year. 

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Our History


The Authora Australis Literary Journal has evolved out of the Authora Australis Writing Group, a community of locally based writers originally centred in Sydney’s Inner West, but now with members from around Australia and internationally. The Authora Australis Writing Group meets on a monthly basis in Marrickville, Sydney, to write together and share feedback and publishing tips. You can find our community writing group sites on Facebook and on Meetup.

Check out our FAQs and if your questions are not answered, then contact us at



Running an online literary journal comes with ongoing costs. In 2022 we've started to accept donations to help cover these web hosting and production costs. Once we have cover these costs, we intend to pass any further funds directly to contributors. If you like reading Authora consider donating to keep it running. We're also happy to talk to anyone who's like to sponsor Authora - just get in touch!

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