Before you prepare your submission and complete the 3 steps below, please make sure you have read the submission guidelines. Submissions that do not meet the requirements of these guidelines will not be accepted.

This submission process is for poetry and fiction only.


Artwork MUST be submitted by email.


Details are available in the submission guidelines.

To ensure diversity of author contributions over time, we will ask for background demographic information from all contributors. This data will remain confidential, and not be shared with any third party. It will be subject to analysis by the editors to ensure that a diverse and equitable representation is achieved across all contributions.


Click the button below to get your submission code. Enter it into both boxes below - this is necessary for our blind review process.

You'll also need to include the submission code in the filename of any file(s) you upload later in Step 3.



Complete the form, including your 100 word bio, then press the submit button before moving on to Step 3.


Check that all the info above is correct and complete.  Then click the "Submit Info about me" button so that you can move on to the file uploads in Step 3! (You'll get a message confirming submission)


Make sure you have up to three poems, in three separate Word (.doc or .docx) files.

Enter the titles of each poem 

Upload the files,  with your submission number and the title in the filename.

For example: 98765title.doc

If you're only submitting a short story, please leave the poetry uploads empty!

Press "submit" to submit your files and complete the process. 

Please wait after you have pressed the submit button - it may take a minute to process. Do not navigate away or refresh your browser. When the submission has been processed you'll receive a notification on the website thanking you for your submission.

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When you've checked everything in the form above, go ahead and press submit! It may take up to a minute for the files to upload. Please just chill and don't worry. You'll receive a thank you message on screen when it's done.

By submitting you declare that the work you're submitting is original not previously published, and is not currently being considered for publication elsewhere. You also declare that you're read our values.


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