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Do I get paid?

Unfortunately at the moment Authora Australis is not funded. We have no money to pay anyone. We hope to work on this as we grow.

How many pieces can I submit?

Three poems, and one piece of fiction. Please check the submission guidelines.

What are the word limits?

Poems should be no more than 60 lines. Fiction should be no more than 3000 words. Check the guidelines.

How do you ensure blind review?

When you prepare your submission, you'll get a submission code. This code will be kept with your identifying information, and with your submission. Your name will never be associated with your submission, unless your work is accepted. At that point, we will re-associate names with work, in order to give you appropriate credit as an author. Please don't put any names in your uploaded files.  

How do I send in some artwork?

We welcome artwork that is relevant to the theme of the issue. Because artwork is often in large files, you can send this by emailing Further details are available in the submission guidelines. We will not accept poems or fiction at address. Visual and concrete poetry that is text alone, should be submitted as poems, following the same guidelines as for other forms of poetry.


What format should I use?

Format your submission in the manner you would expect it to appear when published. Use one simple 12 point font, such as arial or Times New Roman. Files should be .doc or .docx. PDF files will not be accepted. 


Can I submit late?



What happens if I don't follow the submission instructions?

The big round filing cabinet will eat your work. 



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