​ISSUE 3: Flight


The theme for Issue Three is ‘Flight’. 


The flapping of their pinions in the air
Dies in the hush of distance, while they light
Within the fir tops, weirdly black and bare,
That stand with giant strength and peerless height,
To shelter fairy, bird and beast throughout the closing night



  ‘The Flight of the Crows’, Emilie Pauline Johnson 




Whether natural or unnatural, earthbound or airborne, pursuing or fleeing, or inspired by freedom or terror, we are interested in tales and depictions of flight.



Get your best poems, short stories and artwork off the ground and into the ether – submissions close by midnight AEST, 15 April, 2021. 


Creative prompts: drone delivery; gaol-break; insecticide; magical levitation; trapeze; spaceflight; take the stairs; the exit row; tossed by tailwinds; end of exams; moving back in with mother.


Please make sure you read the guidelines before submission.