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Take the second exit

Matt Gilbert

An Icarus with a witness,

almost fell today,

caught itself instead,

above a roundabout,

bottom of the street,

around fourteen storeys up –

had there been a building

in that space, not air –

filled with rasping corvids,

jabbing at a lone indignant

rival, sparrowhawk, reduced

to scrapping over hazy sky,

very nearly overwhelmed,

but no one really noticed,

rush hour cars kept coming,

oblivious to all but road,

red and black, silver, blue,

relentless, petrol-powered

roulette balls, spinning on

through space, drivers lurching

into gaps, desperate for their exit.

Matt Gilbert is a freelance copywriter, who also writes a blog at - mostly about place and books. He can also be found on twitter @richlyevocative. Originally from Bristol, England, he currently gets his fill of urban hills in South East London. He has had poems published by Anthropocene, Black Bough and Ink Sweat & Tears among others

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