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Eat my cup

Sometimes a primal desire
reaches out to me at the end
once the final dregs of tea
tilt at the bottom of my cup
The emptiness resonates
cool in bitter mouth
rousing a frenzied urge
to tease the enamelled rim
snap jaws and bite through
a movement swift as a sip
demolish porcelain sheen
feel the shatter and distortion
white upon white, perhaps red
mixed in too as shards pierce
pulsating gums birthing pink
sand crumbles on my tongue
pervading, blistering as hot tea
molars continue gnashing
remnants of the pristine host
who once gifted me satiation
and a tender moment of joy

Pri Victor (she/her) is a musician, school teacher, and mother of two wild toddlers and a brown dog. She writes poetry and resides in Melbourne, Australia. Pri was a winner of the 2021 Queensland Poetry/Flying Arts Ekphrasis Competition and her work has been published in various independent literary journals.

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