Issue One - Empty Spaces



Lily Turek

Never Leaving Me 

May 2020

Issue One - Visual Art

Beryl Perron-Feller


Collage, 2020, 8x5”

Lily Turek

Never leaving me

6th May 2020.
Acrylic paint on plastic, 90cm x 60cm

Marie-Claire Colyer

Whiling away time

Chris Armstrong

Home of Mercy Pt 1

Date: 24 April 2020. Materials: paper, whiteout, Selected Poems Gwen Harwood, Modern Poets 1983, pp 26-28, incorporating poems Carpe Diem, Home of Mercy, In the Park, and At the Sea's Edge. Size: 125mm x 197mm

Steven J Fowler

Dog's Eye

Dog's Eye was exhibited at the Avivson Gallery for the show Poetetical Pathogens in 2019. Ink on paper.

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