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Telstar 1

Cygnus is flying toward

The western horizon

On a warm Tuesday

With this satellite mounted

On a Delta rocket

Pushing terrain beneath

Its explosive light in

The clear to launch sequence

Burning skyward through

A deafening roar across

The Florida scrubland

Before eggs and toast

Visit family tables

A three-foot cylinder

Leaves swaddling for space

Away from mother rocket

With its new born circuits

Relaying Kennedy’s speech

Out of the vast ebony

Beyond this metal infant

Transmitting four hundred calls

By the second equinox

When one transistor fails

Vital signs drift away

While orbiting earth

Siblings join its passage like

Voices around a corpse

Abstract Architecture

Dane Karnick grew up by the Colorado “Rockies” and lives near Seattle. His poetry has appeared recently in El Portal, Umbrella Factory and Ephrastic Review. Visit him at

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