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Queen of the Street

David Kennedy

Nine decades from seed, a grand frangipani

counts the waning hours of May.

Sunlight teases the yard. Rusty leaves float

and pale pink blooms fall as a scented quilt

unfurls on the lawn below; a patchwork

of cherry clusters foretelling winter’s charm.

She is time’s witness to mauve hydrangeas

in midsummer bloom, the birth and death

of picket-fence civility, and Californian bungalows

razed by greed. Nature’s key-change still comes,

but the show starts early now — the cuckoo

plays messenger while the season holds.

Closeup of a Black Dog

David J Kennedy is a poet and non-fiction writer based in Sydney’s Inner West. His recent work appears in Roi Fainéant Press, South Florida Poetry Journal, and The Jupiter Review, with poetry forthcoming in the Lovers Literary Journal. He holds Master’s degrees in Ageing (University of Melbourne) and Business Administration (University of Canberra), while themes of ageing, nature, and sustainability feature prominently in his writing. David can be found on Twitter @DavidJKennedy_ or running breathless laps of Iron Cove Bay.

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