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Leaving Home

Rob McKinnon

After midnight

condensation began to invade the windscreen

despite front demisters being on,

music from teenage years played

trying to keep her awake.

Outside headlights illuminated lonely empty roads

as the moon darted in and out of clouds

staying a constant companion

never seeming to change its position.

While rubbing her eyes

the two children slept in the back seat,

hurriedly packed bags supported their bodies

and provided headrests.

Messages flashed on the phone

that remained unanswered

with knowledge that at home

fury would be reigning.

Finding a parking bay

she pulled over to sleep.

Rob McKinnon lives in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. His poetry has previously been published in ‘Adelaide: Mapping the Human City’ Ginninderra Press, ‘Messages from the Embers’ Black Quill Press, Backstory Journal (Swinburne University), The Saltbush Review (Adelaide University), Creatrix, Wales Haiku Journal, and other online and print journals.

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