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Night shift

Carlos E Morazán

The ladies who carpooled to get here

Force-feeding, like mothers do,

Rapacious glass bottles sliding over a casino-

Green conveyor belt

Lads clad in plastic helmets

Furthering the metaphor of the food chain

Jamming the sterile-white truck

With its solid, brown marrow filling

I count enough boxes of nail polish and perfumes

Before I slap the first truck twice

Twice because a single spank is only for a lover

And doing it three times would be rude

Rudeness that only my punching card deserves

For mocking me when I leave there and arrive here

It might get a revenge one day

But the 12th round is always mine

Carlos E Morazán is a software engineer and writer who lives in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. His work has been published or is forthcoming in Spiritus Mundi Review, Tropico Line and Sour Cherry Magazine. You can find him on Instagram as @carlosmorazan and Twitter as @carlosemorazan

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